Mathew 9:14 Then John’s disciples came and asked him, “How is it that we and the Pharisees fast often, but your disciples do not fast?”


The disciples of John, the baptizer, did not understand why Jesus’ disciples did not fast. It is probable that the disciples of Jesus were released to practice the fasts here mentioned because they were not those prescribed in the law of Moses. For example, when a young man approached Jesus, Luke in chapter 18 verse 12 recorded what he said: “… I fast twice a week.”

During the exile in Babylon, the Jews fasted for a few months in the year. So much so that through the prophet Zechariah, God asked, “Do you fast for Me or for yourselves?” Scholars remember that in the month Marquesva, which coincides with October, if the 17 did not rain then three fasts were recommended. “If the 17th of Marcheshvan came and rains had not yet fallen, the individuals would fast three fasts” (Ta’anit 10a)

It is a great mico (brazilian giria about action or failure to understand correctly) require your brother to adopt same standard of conduct. The truth is that this attitude is not uncommon in religious circles. Sometimes I hear someone complain, “Why is not so-and-so here? Why did he fail? I did not miss meetings. So he can not miss. “

My personal goal is to maintain a daily life of prayer, including fasting. But I must avoid to think that I am holier than another brother who does not practice fasting. In Scripture we find many instances in which fasting was practiced. Today, we have many books that address fast teaching: its motivations, its practices, and its effects. Here are some examples of fasting:

Looking for blessings: 2 Cr. 20: 3; Esd 8:23
In troubled times: Joel 1:14
For purposes: Mat 6:16
As preparation of the spirit: Mat 9:14

When I talk about fasting, I like to remember David’s example. He changed the idea of fasting of his generation. David used fasting as an instrument of intercession. He did not see it as an attitude of sorrow or penitence. David ended his fast to accept the God’s Will.