Precisamos apresentar a Palavra de Deus como a fonte de toda a proteção e segurança para as forças policiais e bombeiros.
Isto representa uma mudança cultural vantajosa e recomendável, com benefícios para os ritos tradicionais da Igreja Católica também.

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The Saint George holiday, on april of 23, is the second most fight encounter in spiritual warfare in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The highest spiritual fight happens in carnival days. Because association between religious traditions of the Afro-Brazilian people the worship to entity called Ogum is remarkable.

The Brazilian church needs more prayer against spiritual blindness of people. Prayer walk, fasting, 24-hour intercession journey open the Heavens above Brazil and to deliver people for conversion and service to the Lord Jesus Christ. Today, Corpus Christi procession is decreasing and Saint George Feast is promoting by political intentions.

The worship to Saint George has increased with political support since 2001 when april of 23 turned religious holiday in Rio de Janeiro city. The government of state of Rio de Janeiro followed, signing state law in 2008. Many policemen and firemen ask to saint for protection. As Wikipedia, St. George is the…

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