The life and minister of Jesus are fundamental to church that left to focus God’sMission. As Bible shows mistakes of men, through History saw how church departed from its purposes. Despite, the Holy Spirit moves church to care of his legacy: converted people and they need trained.

Legacy that church may help cities and communities. Discipleship people that want to know Jesus and His proposal. For this, we need more churches with balance growth among 5 dimensions of integral mission. InBrazil, as surveys and movements, we make following statements:

1. We have 25% of evangelicals. Some regions little more, another little less.
2. Near 25% are unchurched. They were excluded, disappointed or don´t rightly assimilated.
3. Around of 25% are closed with corruption and wrong practices. This group can’t hear the Gospel or to understand basic principles of Scriptures. Many times they are persecutors or agnostic life-style.
4. Other 25% wait more teaching, witness and real love to make a decision that they would make today. They wait a miracle, a God’s intervention.

Millard Erickson comments: “Looking to outside of church’mission, Moody taught mission can resumed in 3 special point of view: “as martyria (witness), diakonia (service) e koinonia (fellowship).”

Churches must observe 2 branches in Gospel proclamation: witness and preaching. The believers need training and motivation to share their faith where walk. This a critical lack: the space between church and home. Where happens, Revival make changes on this space. If believers don’t share Gospel, didn’t Revival. The witness work together God’s Word. The Preaching is cause and effect. The believers will need more knowledge.

The church will provide kerygma through its apostles, teachers and prophets. Witness (martyria) will motivate by evangelists and pastors. Unfortunately, many churches provide kerygma through their pulpits alone. It turns church so much dependent of his pastor. Many scholars call it of priest model growth. Some churches are revitalizing biblical schools to provide edification, but specially, spiritual tools and knowledge to believers share the Gospel.

“The witness is central mission in every situations”. This witness include share about teaching and work of Christ in whole vision. It is applied in Christian service and personal relationships.